Why small businesses need to do influencer marketing

Importance of influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is a necessity in business in our culture. The tool is the fastest-growing method for gaining clients, with nearly half of marketers using a designated budget specifically for influencers.    

Most people have memories of commercials during their television shows or full-page photo ads in their magazines with celebrities posing with or endorsing a product. They were the original influencers, paid richly for their endorsements. Today’s culture is much more discerning and highly values when things are authentic and genuine, which includes the products they buy as well as the voice of the ones who promote them.

Using micro-influencers for your small business

Those who have anywhere from 3,000-10,000 followers on their social media accounts can be considered micro-influencers. They typically have a niche and have insight into their audience, making them a relevant voice to speak and promote products and services.    

Most influencers have a niche audience, which makes them perfect for partnering with a small business that has a specific target market. In partnering with influencers, small businesses are able to utilize the audience of their influencers in order to gain visibility and new clients.    

The influencers that small businesses partner with are those who have already used their products or services and love them. This personal experience with the business’ products makes the influencers’ recommendation authentic, which is something that consumers deeply value.

67% of marketing and communications professionals engage with influencers for content promotion

– Schlesinger Associates 2015 Study –

Does the size of the business matter in influencer marketing?

When it comes to influencer marketing, the main thing that is affected by business size is the type of influencers that the business partners with. It is unusual for a smaller business to land a partnership with a huge influencer, and instead, they tend to work with micro-influencers. While on the surface they may appear to be a disadvantage, on the contrary, it is actually a positive aspect.    

Insights and data show that the smaller follower number of micro-influencers tend to have a higher engagement rate, while the huge accounts have much lower. This means that smaller businesses products will be promoted better, more often, and in a more genuine manner, with positive audience response.    

Micro-influencers also charge less for the partnership than the mega-influencers, which means better budgeting and, due to the higher engagement rate, a better return on their investment.

Influencer marketing is crucial to small business success

With all of the marketing tools out there these days, it’s important that small businesses get on board and utilize a variety of the most popular, most budget-friendly ones. There is no need to purchase air time for commercials or invest in spendy, confusing print ad campaigns. Most marketing is done online, through social media, and a variety of word-of-mouth platforms.    

Influencer marketing is just one of these tools, but one of the most important. Budget-friendly and easy to navigate, influencer marketing is one of the keys to small business success.