Top 5 best reasons to use landing pages



For anyone with a business, it’s important to understand the benefits of a landing page. A way of bringing visitors to a website, landing pages basically direct traffic from a link within another source such as a social media platform, an email, an ad, or a post. By encouraging visitors to fill out a form, enter their contact information, or call a business, landing pages help to generate leads and build contacts for businesses. 

Different than a website that is designed to offer information, a landing page has the specific purpose of generating leads and is used as a top marketing tool. Landing pages present one specific call to action for visitors to take. They are an important tool in marketing and business.

Here are the five best reasons to use landing pages:

1. Conversion Increase

A landing page has a specific call to action and provides a simple way for leads to take the action. When the call to action is taken, this is known as a conversion. The easy way that the landing page offers for visitors to complete the call to action makes a business gain a lot of conversions.

2. Insight and Data Generation

Linking a landing page to a specific source, campaign, or content, makes it simple to keep track of what sources are having the most success in bringing leads. The data that is received provides insight into what type of content and offerings are garnering interest, which helps you to better tailor your campaigns and platforms for your intended audience. 

Any information collected on landing page forms helps you to better know your target market in order to provide relevant content and offers. All of the insights that you receive about your target furthers your visibility and relevance.

3. Improved Paid Search Campaigns

Using search campaigns to direct people to your landing page where they will receive a call to action, thus adding to your conversions, proves to have a huge return on your investment. 

If you use your paid campaigns to draw people to your landing page when they search for specific, relevant keywords, they are likely to complete your call of action. However, if you were to merely have the keyword search direct them to your website, they will most likely lose interest once they get there. Having a call to action gives leads an actual action to take, instead of just clicking, reading, and leaving.

4. Email List Growth

Often, the call to action on a landing page requests users to fill out a form. The form would include contact information, including email addresses. 

When collecting email addresses, a business can include an “opt-in” option which means that the visitor is opting-in to be added to your email list. Your email list is incredibly important, as it is a form of marketing. You will be able to email newsletters, information, deals, specials, and anything else relevant to your business to the people who opt-in to your email list thanks to your landing page. 

5. Increased Brand Awareness

Building your brand is an incredibly important part of building a business. Your brand is what draws people to you, as well as what increases customer loyalty. If your brand’s look and message is something that customers like, they will keep coming back.

When you are designing your landing page it is imperative that it contains the feel, message, and look of your brand. This will not only attract customers but will make you recognizable and memorable. Increased visibility means that you will receive more people reaching your landing page, more leads completing your call to action, more conversions, and more success. 

Your landing page is one of the most important tools you have for marketing your business. It creates a cycle of attention, conversion, loyalty, and visibility, all of which are key to success. 

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